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Our tabloid outreach

In an age of social-media saturation, what could stand out more than an old-fashioned newspaper? It's so...old that you simply must look at it—its cheap paper, its awkwardness as you have to physically get hold of a page and turn it yourself. It's like being back in 2010!

Well that's the idea, anyway. It's true; we are being swamped daily with media, via the TV or the screens on our phones and computers. Companies who print content as old-school newspapers have noticed that they stand out, which is why some big, high-street names in fashion, food, etc. have put out newspapers recently.

It's likely that the novelty of the old—yes, I'm aware that's oxymoronic—will wear off. The modern world is fickle.

Nevertheless, it's our duty as those witnessing about Christ to be adaptable. As a church, we embraced social media, and now we're responding to a change which might further the gospel.

Our newspaper is tabloid-sized and has just four pages. I won't lie; it's expensive. Nothing for a reasonable-sized congregation, but for our little outfit it's feasible annually at most.

In the next few weeks, 3000 copies will be hand-delivered around the area of our meting place. If God listens to you in prayer, I encourage you to join with us in pleading with the Lord before, during and after the distribution that his name would be glorified. If it results in new disciples, all the better.

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