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Open Air Preaching—April 2023

Now the weather's improving, it's great to start getting out and reaching the lost masses with the gospel of Christ.

On Saturday, I was out with my wife and some people from church. We met up with a number of believers from different congregations armed with gospel literature and a small PA and mic.

It was great to see a wide variety of people take an interest and even engage in conversation. This variety constantly shatters any preconceived ideas about which types of people are more likely to take an interest. There were young and old, black and white, native and foreign, respectable and delinquent.

One young lady stood listening to the preaching for about twenty minutes. She then went over to one of the brethren to find out more. She'd come to the end of her rope and was looking for God. My wife went over and gave her a copy of the Gospels and Psalms, which she was very appreciative of.

A Muslim man came out of the pub to listen, and he engaged in conversation for about an hour.

It was quite amusing when one young man, part of a gang of loud young people who'd stopped to speak to one of us, asked if he could hand out a tract. Although we assumed it was an act of mockery, we nevertheless agreed. He politely asked almost a dozen people if they wanted a leaflet about Jesus, and they either ignored him or sneered. When I told him he now knew what it was like for us even if he'd been faking it, he seriously told me he hadn't been faking anything, that he was a Christian. Who knows?

A university couple who looked like "typical" enemies of God stopped and chatted calmly for over an hour to one of the men about the things of God. Once again, my own assumptions and prejudices were exposed as faulty.

I could mention many other encounters. We enjoyed a time of food and fellowship afterwards, bringing the day to a joyful close until our next adventure in the service of God.

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