A Christ-centred, Bible believing, evangelical church in the heart of Liverpool


“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”  

[1 Timothy 1:15]

Thank you for visiting New Road Church online. We hope that you find the information on here of interest.

From here, you can read more about us, find useful web links, order tracts and contact us. There are also directions should you want to come to one of our meetings. We'd love to greet you and share with you the wonderful message of the gospel: how Jesus Christ died for his people's sins so that they could receive forgiveness of those sins and have eternal life with God.

We're a group of Bible-believing Christians that meets regularly in Norris Green, Liverpool. We meet to worship God together, which means we sing, pray and hear the Bible explained. Visitors are not forced to take part! They can just come and listen.


Although we don't belong to a denomination, we describe ourselves as Evangelicals or Protestants. This means that we have a high view of the Bible, believing it to be the infallible word of God.



Amalgamation with AC Mitchell Church